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I didn’t test Android for my retro-gaming project and maybe I missing something great, I have a few doubts and questions though (but you don’t really have to answer them 😉 ):

– I heard that Gamesome was probably the best solution to get a frontend on Android, but, is there any important options missing, like the option to edit the settings and emulators on a per game basis, use videosnaps, edit my layouts and add animations? I use Attract-Mode as frontend and I have all these options, I can basically do whatever you want.

– I use a lot of scripts to launch my roms and do others tasks, I guess I can install an app that gives me bash script on Android, but is it the same as on linux?

– Same thing with Python?

– Are all the emulators stable?

– How many versions of Mame are available? I currently have 11 versions of mame + 2 versions of fba installed and I need them all because certain roms are difficult to emulate correctly unless you use the right emulator.

– I also have an Arduino connected to my XU4, in order to control RGB leds (I created my own LEDBlinky system), I guess I can also find an app for the communication between the 2 boards, but is it as reliable as on Linux?

I’m sure that with a lot of work and research, we can get something cool with Android, but I’m wondering, once the best apps and options has been picked and set correctly, once everything has been optimized at its best, what are the missing things that I will never find a solution to replace and make me frustrated because of the limitation?

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