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First off, your build is amazing and exactly what I was looking for! Thank you! I did something stupid though – I reset the menu of the skin and lost my links to boot into RetroPie and Raspian. Can you offer any insight on how to put them back without having to reinstall? Any insight would be much appreciated.

It, depends on the skin you are using but should be the same all around,
In skin settings, main menu, category/menu item:
The default select action when clicked you will need to select “Custom Item” and Enter:
“System.Exec(/storage/ss/” for Raspbian and “System.Exec(/storage/ss/” for Games.

In “Manage Submenu”, Select “Change Shortcuts”, “Custom Item” enter:
System.Exec(/storage/ss/ for games and
System.Exec(/storage/ss/ for Raspbian.

It could also be rearrange to you liking once the ability for a command to go through is there “Custom Item”.

Triple build Scripts:
System.Exec(/storage/ss/ “will tell you to click on games”

System.Exec(/storage/ss/ “will log you into Retropie”

System.Exec(/storage/ss/ “will tell you to click on raspbian”

System.Exec(/storage/ss/ “will log you into Raspbian”

Hope that helps in some way to give you an idea.