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Hello again
I have now used this dualboot and tweaked it into my prefered settning regarding background pictures etc.
I just have one last (?) question;
How do I edit the config.txt?
I wanna overclock it a little and mostly, add my codes for the
I keep gettin errors both from SSH and WinSCP that I am not allowed to edit the file.

I think OpenELEC should allow you to edit the files with the default root/openelec combination of username/password.

As for other types of OSes like Raspbian and RetroPie, you’d need root permissions to edit the file.
In order to login through WinSCP as ‘root’, you’d first need to set a root password. You can google how to do that.
Or you could login as pi/raspberry with SSH or your preferred method and then edit the file with nano:
$ sudo nano /boot/config.txt