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Thanks for the reply. I’m running into a problem with this method.

I ran sudo apt-get install bluez and rebooted.

Upon reboot, I found the address of my BT dongle and of my controller as you indicated.

But when I attempt to run bluez-simple-agent hci0 AA:BB:CC:00:11:22 (where the address is what returned for my gamepad) I get -bash: bluez-simple-agent: command not found

Any advice?

Bluez is a very quirky indeed.

Some Linux talk now (sorry). My tutorial is so old that it only works for Bluez 4. Ubuntu 14.04 “Trusty Thar” (and Linux Mint) still use Bluez 4. Ubuntu and Mint are based on GNU Linux Debian. But the Debian 8 (code name “Jessie”) version that is on my Pi (i.e. Raspbian) already uses Bluez 5. In Bluez 5 things work radically different. The application ‘bluez-simple-agent’ and other utilities that I referred to in my HowTo do not exist any more and are replaced by ‘bluetoothctl’.

My new personal HowTo:

– Bluez 5 –
Ubuntu 14.04 still uses Bluez 4 (see below). Debian 8 ‘Jessie’ uses ver. 5.

1. Use the utility ‘bluetoothctl’ for everything. Once this program is started then it changes your prompt to:


2. If it “sees” a BT controller or device then the prompt is blue. Type “help” for a list of commands.

4. Get MAC address of bluetooth keyboard or other device. Set your device in pairing mode (!) and type:


Example of output:

Device 11:22:33:AA:BB:CC Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard

Tip: put dongle in device discovery mode with “scan on” command if device is not yet on the list.

5. Set “agent on”!

6. Type “pair 11:22:33:AA:BB:CC” (TAB completion works).

7. If you’ve set the agent on then it should ask you to type a PIN code on the keyboard and to press enter on it afterwards.

8. Then trust, connect etc.

9. Type “quit”. Your keyboard should be connected now.

10. I don’t know how or why, but its autoconnected at boot. If not, check the references.

11. Troubleshooting:
– To list BT dongles and their MAC address type “list” (not necessary if you’ve got only one). Example of output:
[bluetooth]# list
Controller XX:YY:ZZ:11:22:33 raspberrypi [default]
– Set your dongle on w/: “power on”.

12. References:


Good luck 🙂

P.S. To make things more complicated: in my RetroPie installation the old Bluez 4 scripts still exist. There are in:

I don’t know if they are still functional, but I think they are not there for nothing.

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