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@pi-guy You have some good ideas there, Have a few cases and your right most don’t have good ventilation/holes

For my final config I have ordered a generic looking case from Amazon it has no fan but does have mount points for a fan with plenty of vent hole at the bottom and top, as such I may pull the air out of the case with the fan I hope this will draw air over the board from the bottom vent holes. I have a few 40mm fans lying around but ordered a 40mm noctua 5v fan for the reduce db level that it has,

Running the fan from the GPIO pins 5v rail.

Not going to bother with heat sink I feel the fan will be enough. With my 40mm fan testing I have dropped the temp a good 15-20c thats plenty I believe.

I have used heatsinks on my pi1 and pi2 but to be honest I don’t think they really need them

But your right over clocking will not kill a Pi but the heat will. Like you I have run my over clocked pis for years now with just heat sink and in cases with no ventilation to speak of and they are still running fine.

The Pi3 clocking settings are more hit and miss at the moment, It would be nice if an official overclock setting was released by the Pi Foundation

Once I get my fan and case sorted I will add a pic, the fan will be with me next week the case on the other hand is on a boat from China so who knows 🙂

Not that I’ve seen, I keep hearing that overclocking will shorten the life of the Pi but I didn’t have any issues with overclocking the Pi2 for almost 2 years. I honestly believe that purely overclocking the Pi doesn’t reduce the life – heat does (experience: Sr. Systems Administrator for fortune 500 company) – so if you don’t have a proper cooling solution and if you don’t keep an eye on temperatures to make sure the solution is “acceptable” then you’re looking at frying it. The reason I’m trying to overclock is Rom/Emulator performance – some Roms play much better with overclocked settings especially PS, N64 and DreamCast roms. For instance Super Smash Bros on N64 and MDK II on Dreamcast can be tweaked to be pretty-playable with overclock settings – Menu’s look like garbage but game play is decent.

I’ve been thinking of getting a cooling solution myself. I’ve seen (on Ebay) heatsinks with fans attached (yes, screwed onto the heatsink) probably best solution for my setup. You’ll definitely want to either go with a fan-in-case or a modular case (like the official rasp pi case) where you can remove the top without the case falling apart. I saw a few youtube videos, one guy does specific measurements with/without fan, with/without heatsink, and combinations of the 4. According to his results, the heatsinks are worthless but for as cheap as they are I would probably do it regardless. I noticed about a 5-10C change on my Pi2 after installing 3 heatsinks w/o fan. And the heat sinks are soo cheap – plus it kind of makes the board “look” a bit more sophisticated. No matter where you buy the heatsinks from I would almost certainly rip the tape off and replace it with double-sided thermal tape – you can remove the original tape from the heatsinks with a razor blade and alcohol. I love that they have the fans powered by the GPIO board now and provide the proper connectors for it. I’d also be curious if there’s a way to change the fan speed, I’d probably run mine at a higher RPM – the fan would probably die faster but for $5 to replace….who cares? As for push/pull – it again depends on your case IMHO, most Pi cases I’ve seen have poor ventilation, I would most likely push from outside case to inside case if your using a standard case, pulling from inside the case to the outside may decrease fan life due to lack of ventilation. My thoughts…when I get a fan/heatsink combo…is that I would create some ventilation holes/strips at strategic locations along the sides of the case using a Dremel tool. Just my two cents. Let me know what you decide to go with if you have time.

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