Reply To: Regular freezes with Raspberry 2&3

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I’ve had crash logs that end with bluetooth ending in failure states too. Has anyone had issues with bluetooth AND Berryboot?

The Standard image works fine for me in all respects, but my berryboot attempts have all ended in abject failure the second I paired up my PS3 controller. The entire system gets about 7 to 13 degrees F hotter when the controller’s(compared to 5 to 7) attached, it’ll play Super Mario World for 5 to 10 minutes and then freeze/hang. The regular SD image has zero issue playing Xenogears or Valkryie Profile(although some graphics do get blocky). It’s not a super pressing issue for the time being, but it’s kind of bizarre.

RetroPie 3.6 keeps freezing on BerryBoot

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