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Hi vretro,

You’re correct to assume that the device ID needs to match your controller in order to be recognized by reicast. It “usually” does a good job of identifying, but if it doesn’t, and you’re not sure what your device ID is, you need to go to the console (command line) and type: evtest | grep BTN

you’ll get something like this returned:

Available devices:
/dev/input/event0: Xgaming X-Arcade
/dev/input/event1: Xgaming X-Arcade
/dev/input/event2: Logitech USB Receiver
/dev/input/event3: Logitech USB Receiver
/dev/input/event4: Xarcade-to-Gamepad Device 1
/dev/input/event5: Xarcade-to-Gamepad Device 2
/dev/input/event6: SNES-to-Keyboard Device

The ‘event#’ corresponds to the device ID mapped to each of your controllers. You can then type the number of the controller you want the button mapping for and press enter, and you’ll be shown the values that correspond to each button on your controller. Hopefully this helps you get your controller set up.