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@meneerjansen the manufacturer is TOMMO (last item):

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But I didnt see any driver support… Searching on Google, I didnt find any good answer to my problem.

See the “P.S.” which I wrote while you wrote your reply. I seems to me that the “manufacturer” of your “Neo Geo system” is victim of some “controversy” according to Wikipedia which probably means that there is no proper website of the manufacturer as it might be some sort of exotic piece of hardware that is no longer officially supported. Quote from Wiki:

[…] due to the low manufacturing standards employed by Tommo, in 2013 October, SNK [the company that made the “real” original Neo Geo] Playmore has publicly ordered Tommo to cease not only manufacture of the Neo Geo X, but to pull all existing stock from store shelves

So accepting that it is barely supported and that it probably behaves like a keyboard and not like a game controller might be the best place to start to get this thing working.

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