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@meneerjansen thank you!!!

Here, people says that Win detects the stick as a POV switch instead of a X and Y axis.

And here there are more info, but I dont undertand very well

1. I’m fairly experienced Linux user but even I don’t get what some of the forum users are babbling about in the links you posted. They may not know what the hell they’re talking about or they’re simply not giving enough info.

2. In one of the links somebody used the same test utility that I recommended.

Remember: many controllers behave according to the harware USB standard set by engineers a and will be recognized by your operating system (Android, Linux, Windows, etc.) automatically! If your manufacturer did not abide to said standard it is a gamble if the controller will work or not. Microsoft Windows tends to come out of the box with some drivers for exotic hardware because Windows is so popular the the manufacturers make sure their stuff works, even though its exotic and weird.

On Android, Linux or MacOS you might not be that lucky. And again: the ONLY one that knows is the manufacturer of your hardware! So check its forum or website to find out if it needs a special driver or not.

In my experience it doesn’t matter if the controller says that it is a POV (one of my faux SNES USB controllers is like that). You can solve that w/ the controller config screen in RetroPie/Emulation station. What DOES matter is if Linux can “see” your controller and if it recognizes that it is a Game Controller. Again, test w/:

jstest /dev/input/js0
Additionally you might want to check if the controller is connected properly with the command:

That will list all connected USB devices, if it has a driver loaded or not.

Good luck 🙂

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