Reply To: How do I add another MAME emulator Version?



Even better!

So, I tried both and they work great. I set my width and height in the configs as you described. It preserved the game’s aspect ratio (I think it was 1280×960) which is perfect–exactly what the other version of 1.2 was doing with the proper modelines and so on. I adjusted my intensity up a bit to 1.75 and set the flicker to 15. This is right where I like it, and it looks very nice, and crisp. All of the lines are native-pixel-smooth. I tested with asteroids deluxe.

One thing I did notice is that if you increase the beam width (I don’t like to do that, but to each their own) single points (shots, asteroid particles) render as vertical lines, not upsized dots. I don’t remember if it was like that before or not, since I use a size of 1, but it’s worth a mention.

This is great. Thank you so much! About the only thing better would be the addition of glow effect like the old AAE emulator, but this is much better than being stuck at 640×480.

Is this limitation also a factor with raster games? There are RGB effects 3-triad, 6-triad, and scanlines that look better at higher resolution too–not for vector of course, but for other games. If not, that’s fine. I am happy with clean vector!

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