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I created this script in my /ports/ folder and got this:

Tiny 17: Tiny Syntax error: “(” unexpected

Here is the guide I have been preparing and used for my self:

Tiny Fugue Tutorial:

SSH into your Raspberry Pi. I.E.:


LOGIN: pi PASSWORD: raspberry

If you are running Windows, download and install Putty.

By default you will be in your /home/pi/ directory, but we need to move to root by typing:

cd /

Now, type the following to download Tiny Fugue:

sudo git clone

Now we need to enter into the Tiny Fugue directory so type:

cd tinyfugue/

Now that we are inside of the directory, type the following to configure the source code:

sudo ./configure[

When the source is done configuring you will want to build it by typing the following command:

sudo make

Once that is finished, you can install it and all of it’s required files by typing:

sudo make install

Now we will want to clean up, but first we must exit the /tinyfugure/ folder by typing:

cd ..

Next you will want to delete the /tinyfugue/ folder by typing:

rm -R tinyfugue

Now Tiny Fugue is installed into our system, but we need to set up a script to launch it from within EmulationStation.
To do this we will need to move into the /ports/ directory by typing the following:

cd ~/RetroPie/roms/ports/

Type the following to create a new text file to use as our launcher script:

sudo nano

blah blah blah…

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