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Thanks for the tip about JK2 running on the Pi!!! I loved that game. Considering the fact that ‘Quake III Arena’ runs amazingly perfect on the Pi 1 it wouldn’t surprise me if JK2 runs smooth as well. JK2 is based on the same engine as QIII.

Anyway, I’ve got RetroPie installed via a script on top of Raspbian. So I can re-install the lightweight desktop, which I uninstalled, to test this. But I can’t find proper instructions on how to run JK2 on Linux and X.

The reason that it won’t run without X is probably that it needs OpenGL for the 3D engine. What amazes me it how they’ve gotten QIII te work without an X environment! developed that? I don’t think the RetroPie guys did that…

A shell script to start X, JK2 and to return to Emulationstation when you’re done playing JK2 shouldn’t be too hard to do I think. But using the executable that one made to play JK2 in an X environment can’t be used without X. I should be compiled the same way that they compiled the QIII executable. QIII did not have software rendering as an option anymore like QII had. So you need GL.

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