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Ooops. Just read that the topic starter has a Pi 3. That one has WiFi on chip. That should be a LOT better than the USB dongle I have in my Pi 1 and wrote about.

Anyway after reading the first post there might be some other thing that you might try. I see that you are trying to connect to your Pi using the Pi’s “host name” which should be “retropie” according to you.

  1. I dunno how it’s on your Pi and your RetroPie version, but my Retropie hostname is ‘raspberrypi‘. You can see what the host name of a Linux machine is on the command line interface (CLI). Go to the CLI by pressing F4 in Emulation Station (that is, RetropPie). Then type the word “hostname” on the CLI and press Enter. It will echo the hostname of your machine. Or have a look at hte prompt of the CLI. You might notice that the prompt is of the format ‘user@hostname‘.
  2. You might want to connect to a Linux machine (RetroPie is Linux) using it’s IP address instead of its host name. In your case the IP address of your Pi is:
  3. Bear in mind that Linux (i.e. RetroPie) is very picky on which user can acces (that is, read or write to-) which folder. As far as I know you (that is: the user named “pi”) have only the rights to write files (that is, copy to) your home dir which is /home/pi.

If your Pi has an IP address, in the WIFi dialog screen that you posted, then it is connected to your network. No need to reinstall RetroPi I think.

Another tip: a console application for Windows with which you can connect to Linux machines via ssh is Putty I think (I haven’t used Windows for 10 years). Try to download and install that. Why? Because you can log into the CLI of your Pi from Putty. That way you do not have to walk to your Pi to “do things” on the CLI. You can remotely operate your Pi (if you speak a little Linux that is).

In Putty try:

ssh pi@
It will probably ask for user “pi” his password which is “raspberry”.

Good luck! 🙂

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