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Here is another thing I noticed. When you install ZDOOM, it sets up shop in the


folder and over rides PrBOOM as the default DOOM Engine.

Are we sure that is what we want? PrBOOM does have it’s uses, especially PrBOOM Plus!

I was wondering if ZDOOM’s install script could be updated so as to reside in it’s own zdoom folder rather than take over PrBOOM’s doom folder.

Then as for the custom launch script, they could instead be titled ZDOOM I and ZDOOM II, ZDOOM TNT, ZDOOM Plutonia, Strife, Hexen, and so on, as I don’t believe Crispy fully supports anything beyond DOOM yet, at least not to the degree that ZDOOM does, and you’ve already got Crispy Doom set up with “Crispy” in the title of each iWad so it’s fine as it is.

The idea in short is to make room for as many DOOM ports as possible… sort of like MAME. 😉

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