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Hi smithers,
Just wanted to say your builds are immensely awesome, I’ve used them often in the past, now I’ve switched to making my custom OSes and use your NOOBS files, which are PERFECT.

I’ve tested with RPi2 and RPi3 and it works great so far.

Main reason for custom OSes is that I want to pack a shutdown button script which I trigger via GPIOs, then drill a hole in the case and glue a momentary button. It’s easier on the power connector, and not-so-techy friends and family can shutdown without the risk of filesystem corruption. And I don’t have to explain SSH.

I can’t believe loading OSes from USB still hasn’t made it in the official NOOBS release, as it’s incredibly useful. I’ve seen somewhere that you do actually refer to an “official build of NOOBS USB version”, where can one find this, if it exists?

I’ve tried PINN, which is a NOOBS fork, yet not NOOBS, (, but I couldn’t switch to another OS with it for some reason. Installed the OS, but not displayed it as an option afterwards.

In any case, you’ve said that you’re using a “dirty workaround” in order to support RPi3, and in the PINN release I see that there’s a rpi3 overlay. Now, I can’t pretend to understand how NOOBS works, I haven’t looked at the code at all, just thought that it might give you an idea if you’re still working on something like that.

Cheers, and keep bringing the joy!

EDIT: Also, have a gander at this:
…and the subsequent relevant partition files etc.
If you’re already hosting the tarballs, this could be used for a network install. Not sure whether it uses local storage or cache/RAM for this, so it may still be keeping the files on the SD card, which wouldn’t be that useful.
EDIT2: After I JUST wrote this, I noticed there is a new official NOOBS version from today, if it makes any difference.

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