Reply To: ZX81 Emulation?



Thanks dudleydes!

I managed to install ZEsarUX at lunchtime. I noticed that it seems to have changed the default Spectrum emu to itself. Not a problem, I know you can select individual emus for different roms.

I still need to stick the roms in the spectrum folder, and edit the config file. I have been using WinSCP to transfer roms quite successfully. I also use this at work to move files around, and can edit text files using it. I dont know why I thought this would be any different. Sometimes you can over think things!

Seeing as though ZEsarUX emulates both ZX81 and Spectrum, and that I need to drop the ZX81 roms in the Spectrum folder, does this mean that the best I can hope for is to run ’81 games from the Spectrum section in Emulation Station? Would it be possible to configure so that there is a ZX81 option along with all the other systems? Or am I trying to run before I can walk?

Thanks again for helping