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OK in es_input.cfg I added the following lines to it and all is well in regards to scrolling through the menus correctly. This should also work for the emulators, or something like it anyhow.

<input name=”pagedown” type=”axis” id=”5″ value=”1″/>
<input name=”pageup” type=”axis” id=”2″ value=”1″/>

Edit, after a reboot this stopped working again.

I deleted the es_input file from /opt/retropie/config/…
and in /home/pi/.emulationstation/…

Rebooted, redetected my original controller who’s shoulder buttons were working fine, and now it will not fast scroll through the menus.

I re-deleted all config files and rebooted and redetected a few times to test this and also my Rock Candy controller. And I noticed that Emulation station skips the Triggers on the Rock Candy because they are axis and not buttons…

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