Reply To: Splash screen video intermittently doesn't play



Yeah that explains it. Problem is dependencies for omxplayer aren’t being met before its called to run resulting in a dbus error. Putting a sleep parametre on omxplayer is a simple workaround for it at least until logic in the code is improved.

Thanks, it worked! I put one new line just before the onxplayer line in etc/init.d/asplashscreen:

sleep 5

Now my splashscreen video plays flawlessly every boot. And just as importantly it is no longer continuously writing 5 lines per second into var/log/syslog indefinitely, while onxplayer is still consuming resources. It opens, plays and closes cleanly as it should, and the last related line in the log file is:

Mar 17 01:09:32 retropie asplashscreen[83]: have a nice day 😉

Nice. I am having a nice day 🙂

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