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Well I leaned a few things recently. Firstly how not to de-solder female headers I should have just used end cutters to chop it to bits then removed the pins not how I did it. I have lifted a few tracks on the TFT board. The good news is I have a spare 2.8″ tft screen the board may be salvageable. For information for anyone interesed on assembled Adafruit TFT (2.8″) they dont use a little bit of double sided tape they use a huge piece not much smaller than the actual TFT. Its very difficult to get the TFT of the board to solder it. I warmed mine on a radiator TFT up for 10mins on a piece of cardboard this softens the glue enough to release it.

I also discovered what that little rainbow icon means in the top right under-voltage warning so my power bank cannot supply enough current luckily I bought a 2-24v-upto 28V 2A as well they dont cost much its bigger but you can set the output voltage up to 28V its a nice little board, a bit bigger than the other one but who knows.

MT3608 DC-DC Voltage Step Up Adjustable Boost Converter Module 2A

As mentioned in others builds the TFT board needs to be shaved slightly to fit (its the same as the 3.2″ one.

My next job is going to be building my joypad board hopefully I cant break anything there.