Reply To: Splash screen video intermittently doesn't play



Could be related to the boot sequence- possible some things aren’t loading in time for omxplayer to be called so it doesn’t work.

On both my Pis (Pi2 and Pi3) they have fresh installs of Retropie 3.6, the Pi2 I wiped the c4 8GB sdcard and reinstalled, the Pi3 is brand new with a brand new c10 16GB sdcard.

First thing I did was choose video splashscreen and reboot. After one or a couple of reboots the video stops showing. It’s just like the attached pic from retrocam, bootup then pauses for a bit and then the white ES loading splashscreen shows up.

On a fresh install, What could be the things which aren’t loading in time for omxplayer to be called? Any tips/ideas for us to troubleshoot this?

It’s not a big deal, but it sure would be nice to have a custom video playing 🙂

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