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RetroPie 3.6 & OpenELEC 6.0.3: Click here
* 3 skins set up to use: Arctic Zephyr (default)
Aeon Nox (for nostalgia! 😉 )
Xonfluence (for those who can’t sway from the ‘vanilla’ skin)
PLEASE NOTE you can not switch to Xonfluence skin from the Arctic Zephyr skin – no idea why but it just doesn’t work so switch to Aeon Nox first and then switch to Xonfluence and you’re good to go. A minor annoyance.

RetroPie 3.6 & OSMC 2016.02-3: Click here
Only the standard skin is set up for OSMC

Download link RetroPie 3.6 & OpenELEC 6.0.3 and RetroPie 3.6 & OSMC 2016.02-3 is the same (only OpenELEC not OSMC)