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Then I have a script on my personal OpenELEC setup that I can click on named ‘Update KODI’ and it will download that file, extract it, check that the relevant files are present from the extract (and halt if they are not!), copy the existing custom keymaps I have setup for my KODI remote then proceed to delete my current setup and replace it with the downloaded setup and finally copy over my original keymap files and delete all the downloaded data that is no longer needed then reboot into my new setup. All this is done automatically for me at the click of a button and it means I can tinker with a separate OpenELEC build until I am happy with it then simply upload it to the net (using the same static link, replacing the old file) and update on my master dual boot setup and other Pi’s in the house. It also means that I don’t need to visit my mothers house every time she messes up her KODI setup (bless her!), so if it goes wrong she just has to click ‘update KODI’ at her end and it’ll fix itself automatically. Its a lot easier for me! 😉

Well, sorry that turned into a lengthy post! I will be writing a blog on how to set up that type of script so will post a link if anyone here is interested. It may sound like a faff but it makes things a lot more easy to update, especially if you have a few builds set up yourself or for family & friends.

All the best

Hi Smithers,
I would very much love to have that script. It is very much a hustle going to everyone houses to fix a problem so will very much be appreciated.
Everything you are doing is great.
Thanks for everything.

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