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Hope i’m not too late to the party!

Many of the 5″ or 7″ HDMI displays on Ebay work great out of the box with RetroPie. If you need something smaller though you want either the 2.8″ or 3.2″ SPI TFT’s with a maximum resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. You will have to do some work though getting it to function. I can recommend either the AdaFruit TFT28, AdaFruit TFT32 or the AdaFruit compatible LCD’s from and the fantastic tutorial by Phillip Burgess on the AdaFruit Website –

It has recently been updated for RetroPie 3.6, but it does not mention how to get the touchscreen functioning.

I am using a Squirrel-Labs TFT28r with RetroPie 3.6 running on a Pi Zero fitted inside an original Nintendo Gameboy enclosure. Works great. I am just trying to get the touchscreen functioning though.


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