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Ok then so bad news first – I have tried and tried and tried all weekend to build a working ‘USB Install’ version of NOOBS that is compatible with the Pi 3 but have hit a brick wall every time – I just cant get it to build. I have added every dependency listed on the Github page along with many more that I read in the various ‘issues’ log but to no avail (and it takes a good few hours each time to get to the failure point!). I’m at a loss so I will raise an issue on the Github page for the USB build however I don’t think it has been maintained in a while so Im not sure if or when a fix will be implemented for this specific build to support the Pi 3. 🙁

So after much tinkering I have found a dirty workaround to get Pi 3 support up and running and it seems to work ok (aside from a NOOBS error message – more on that below!). Please do note however that this is not an official build of NOOBS I am using so use it at your own risk until an official ‘USB stick version’ becomes available.

Ok then – with that aside I have made a couple of builds and they are ready to download – see below:

RetroPie 3.6 & OpenELEC 6.0.3: Click here
* 3 skins set up to use: Arctic Zephyr (default)
Aeon Nox (for nostalgia! 😉 )
Xonfluence (for those who can’t sway from the ‘vanilla’ skin)
PLEASE NOTE you can not switch to Xonfluence skin from the Arctic Zephyr skin – no idea why but it just doesn’t work so switch to Aeon Nox first and then switch to Xonfluence and you’re good to go. A minor annoyance.

RetroPie 3.6 & OSMC 2016.02-3: Click here
Only the standard skin is set up for OSMC

These are both Raspberry Pi 2 / 3 builds and seem to be working fine at my end. Please feel free to try them out and let me know how you get on.

I have bought some web space at last (website is very wip but feel free to have a gander!) so I am hosting these files using my webspace rather than Google Drive, MEGA etc. Hopefully that will work out better but let me know if not and I can upload elsewhere.

All the best.

p.s. Rasplex and a Triple is next on the list.