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Hi Steve,

Thanks a lot for creating these multi-boot images. Greatly appreciated.

I’m just wondering, is there any possibility to include Volumio as another OS that we can switch to?

The current stable version is v1.55. FYI, version 2 is in beta stage.

If this can be done, it will be an ultimate entertainment machine.



Hi. Its on my todo list so I will certainly give it a try yes! I have never used Volumio before so not sure if it supports running script shortcuts etc. but if it does then it shouldn’t be a problem, in theory.

Amazing project! I am looking to migrate my exisitng openelec setup to this openelec/retropie dual boot. In the past I have kept all my openelec data as backup, by copying the whole “storage” partition. When I tried to do this with the dual boot sd card, I couldn’t find any kind of folder structure that was familiar to me, ie no storage and boot partitions. I know they are there somewhere, because when I ssh into openelec I can see them. However how can I access them when I connect the sd card to my laptop?

Thank you very much

PS: Is this openelec setup working with plexbmc?

Hmmm that is strange because the folder structure should be exactly the same aside from the storage and boot partitions will be numbered differently. Are you trying to view your SD card on a Windows machine? If so then you will only see the boot partition as that is the only ‘FAT’ formatted partition on the card. You’d need a Linux machine to view the other EXT4 partitions where the KODI data is held (or you can use a program to view and backup from within Windows).

Plexbmc should work fine for this, however I have never tried it.

hey guys im new to this can anybody help me im trying to add my snes roms, do i add them to my sd card or to the usb drive help please


You add your roms onto the SD card but to do this you will need to either SSH into your Pi or use a Linux PC to transfer them directly onto the SD card. I think you can also use a memory stick and it will transfer the roms automatically for you, but I have never tried this myself (have a search through the Wiki guide and Im sure it will explain in better detail than me). Good luck!