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Great project!
Why don’t you host project files (.stl, .skp) at some 3D repository instead of send it as PM?
It could be much easier and RetroPie Project / petRockBlog will get more audience.

3 major ones that I remember are Thingiverse, 3D warehouse and TF3DM.

Thingiverse is dedicated (only?) to .stl files
(Thingiverse also had “thingiview”, 3D preview of stl model. WebGL enabled browser needed for that.)
3D warehouse is (only?) for .skp files
TF3DM is for all 3D files.
TinyUpload is great for general file hosting.

I found those 2 links, there are plenty more hosts to choose from:

10 Best Websites to Download Free 3D Models

All the best…

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