Reply To: RPi2 vs RPi3 – Is it even worth it?



nice vid of n64 compatibility on the pi3:

Okay, the N64 certainly had its moments if I watch that video. 🙂

I generally do not dig the first gen. 3D consoles. The games are not that original and combined w/ very bad graphics it’s a real torture to play them. But ‘Perfect Dark’ and ‘Goldeneye’ are gems. The game that got me really addicted at the time (the PC version of it, that is) is ‘Shadowman’. The level design (later in the game you had to go back to earlier levels to finish them because you gained more powers) and the sheer wideness of the levels was groundbreaking! It was non-linear: something that I dearly miss in modern games.

B.t.w.: ‘Shadowman’ is one of the fes games that always works in almost any N64 emulator and on very “weak” machines (like your Android mobile phone or a tablet).

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