Reply To: Need help running roms off a thumbdrive



To quickly add a question to this thread:

I use my USB3 Stick formatted as FAT32 and I find the performance to be rather poor (1.5mbyte per second) as opposed to the internal SD (8 to 10mbyte per second) when transferring files.

I could imagine it being a BIT slower but even when reading games I notice that, for example, PS1 titles just take that little longer to load (the transitions in Symphony of the Night being most notable).

Is it because it is formatted as FAT32 and would formatting it as ext4 work better?
Am I missing something?

I’m no hardware or file system expert, but I don’t think formatting your drive to another file system would greatly improve speed. The thumbdrive might be of another “class” than the SD card you have (may very old USB thumbsticks be compared to class 2 SD cards?). Power might be the issue too. I can hardly transfer files via WiFi to my Pi but I know that the dongle is not thát bad. Also, everybody always advises to use a powered USB hub when connecting peripherals. That’s not for nothing I think…

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