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I received my Pi3 in the post today so I should be able to get a new (vanilla) build out this weekend based on v3.6 and OpenELEC 6.0.3 Isengard (and a Jarvis build if desired?). I have also took the plunge and bought some web space so I can host the files myself (for those who were having issues with my prev links). I have no web building skills or knowledge at all however so this will be a learning curve but I’m enjoying it so far!

On the subject of the Pi3 – does the memory card slot no longer click the card into place? Mine just seems to slot in with no ‘click’ and it makes it a swine to get out without being spring-loaded. The card works fine, just was expecting a spring-loaded design like the previous Pi(s) had?

Anyway – I will share a link soon as it’s ready!

All the best.

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