Reply To: RPi2 vs RPi3 – Is it even worth it?



I have and unfortunately it and battle for naboo are 2 of the 7 games I just cannot get to work. It loads but is glitched to high hell dissapoints me to all heck cause its on my top 3 games. But I hope once the devs recompile for 64 that well see it work.

Come to think of it, even on very powerful PC’s it appears to be very difficult (if not still impossible) to run the mentioned games. I believe that this is because of special chips in the carts of those games that enhance the graphics. These chips ware not standard and need to be emulated on a per game basis…

The biggest downside, if you ask me, is that for instance ‘SW – Rogue Squadron’ won’t run in Windows (or Wine) anymore either. The game keeps on nagging about DirectX 6, maybe because the game isn’t compatible w/ the latest DirectX versions… It won’t run.

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