Reply To: RPi2 vs RPi3 – Is it even worth it?



Not to take the unpopular position but I have had my Pi 3 for sometime now and with a slight overclock, and taking the time to configure the roms for the correct emulator (There are 4 options and certain ones suit certain games better)
And downscaling the video to 640×480 The Nintendo 64 emulation is just absolutely amazing. I get that people have just put default settings in tested it and been unhappy but man is that unfair to what the Pi 3 can actually do.
Don’t take my word for it this was a video I made a few hours of just messing with some N64 settings. I can play Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart at 1080 P in perfect condition. And most every other game at 640×480 and the right emulator is as good or better then the N64 version. 4 Player goldeneye playing like a dream.
Look at the Pi3 tab of the compatibility sheet I have spearheaded and others have begun to work on

74/78 games I have tested have been playable assuming you get the right emulator/video mode overclock mix.

And that is just the gains in N64 I have found numerous games that will play in mame that would not play on a 2 or were listed unplayable in the old compat lists.

We have also had 1 and I mean 1 release that works on a pi3.
The dev’s have not even begun to optimize code to take advantage of the emulators all they did was enable 3.6 to boot on a pi 3 and released it this is the most beta version of the 3.6 software we will ever have. We have had a few people spitball overclock settings and gpumem splits but far from the knowledge and tuning we will have in a few weeks. Just needs time but even just what I have seen out of mine in a few days I am amazed and excited.

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