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-I’m using the official power supply bundled with the pi3, so I’m guessing that’s not going to be an issue?
-I might give installing the broadcom bluetooth software a go and see if that helps.

Initially I was trying with my Dualshock….then I tried with an older SixAxis I have, then I went back to trying with the Dualshock….and….it worked?!

..I unplugged it, it vibrated and I could see that it had paired by the LEDs on the side of the controller. I was then able to configure all of the buttons within EmulationStation. I haven’t tried it again since, so god knows if it’s going to work next time I fire it up.

Seems like the pi does not like the controller being connected by a cable very much?

My problems are not over however – the controller does not work in all games.

-Doom, works fine.
-Quake, completely spazzes out inputting random buttons without me pressing anything.
-Duke Nukem, sort of works, some of the buttons don’t do anything.
Can anyone advise on this?

Also, Could we possibly try and get a collection of helpful commands concerning controller setup together? Such as
– how to clear the existing controller config?
– how to manually input the config with the references for the buttons included.
– how to manually pair the controller and then load emulationstation without disconnecting the controller.
– etc etc

Thanks guys.

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