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video_hard_sync is not used on the rpi

Kind of thought so.

By the way, did one additional test:

gl + vsync = false: 9 frames

Since my plasma seems to have 4 frames input lag (although that’s not confirmed), that would lead to 5 frames latency (or approximately 80 ms) for RetroPie. However, playing without vsync is curiously stuttery on this system.

there’s some tips here: (user libretro should know what they’re talking about!)

Yep, I found that as well! Some interesting stuff there.

it’s also worth experimenting with the input drivers. i think it defaults to udev, but linuxraw might be faster? try the others also.

there is also a new input polling option in settings > input called “poll type behavior” that may help when set to “late” vs “early” or “normal”.

it’s a lot of experimentation but i’d love a sort of comprehensive list of what does/doesn’t help :) would make a good wiki page…

Yep, I’ll have a look at those options as well. I’ll hopefully have time for it this weekend.

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