Reply To: RPi2 vs RPi3 – Is it even worth it?

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Actually some Android devices are pretty cool IMHO. Devices like that are really cool and very cheap (the GPD XD is just an example):


For 150$ you can have a portable console with good emulation support from 8 bits to PSP and Dreamcast…

But, for cheap home emulation on my TV I prefer the Pi as it is fully configurable, will have better software support over time and is enough for a lot of consoles.

In any case, as you say, we have to remember that when we were young, we might have killed to have something like retropie at home. 😉

Holy freakalony! I want one!! I owned a Dingoo, which I lost. Never fully recovered from that mentally. I just typed in the term “GPD XD” on Google and ended up on tis site in Dutch: They mentioned that the ‘Coleco Mini Arcades’ might be re-released. I’ve got on of those (Donkey Kong)! Took it out of the basement last summer. Still woks. I want one of those too! Oh, I want soooo many classic gaming gadges. So many gadgets, so little time and money. Where do y’all come up w/ those wonderful gadgets? I never see then in the Toy Stores anymore and Deal Extreme ( is no good source to find little gaming gems anymore…

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