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mat jessop

Dear James,

I would also be glad to send you the files too! Just send me a PM with your email address. Thanks a lot for your comment, its really appreciated! I got mine printed at 3DPrint UK. They do selective laser sintering, while more expensive than the more ‘common’ extrusion based methods. However, I really think its worth the extra cash if you can afford it, because the quality is incredible, you really wont be dissapointed! I think it cost me about 60 quid to get it printed.

And yes, I have recently tried to make the finish nicer on mine. I have spray painted it with a spray paint designed to spray onto plastic. I think it has given a really nice result, and it feels much nicer to hold too. The ‘raw’ sls product feels a bit chalky. I also painted the rpi logo. And as a bonus, i 3d printed the button surrounds in brass from They can 3d print a mould, and then fill the mould with different metals, its a really cool (but pricey) service. Anyway, I have added a couple of photos so check them out if you so wish!



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