Reply To: RPi2 vs RPi3 – Is it even worth it?

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64-bit isn’t going to help things, guys. Don’t hold hope for an improvement that won’t becoming anyways as it would only mean less RAM available with no real performance gains even if Raspbian changes their minds about not providing a 64-bit distribution.

Actually your right and wrong at the same time.

ARM V8 brings 64 bits registers and a set of new instructions for ARM chips.

Your right, introducing 64 bits right now allows only two things:
1) Be able to do marketing (exactly like the shitty marketing of the 64 bits consoles… remember the Jaguar, Hyper Neo Geo 64…)
2) Be able to prepare the software in advance for future devices with more Ram

But…ARM V8 is not just about 64 bits it’s also a new instruction set that brings more performance when the code is compiled for it.

This means ARM V8 optimized code should actually perform better.

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