Reply To: RPi2 vs RPi3 – Is it even worth it?



However powerful Raspberry Pi’s get, most people are never satisfied anyway and end up frying it by overclocking to the max ?!? I like to use mine at the stock speed (or retropie safe defaults) the way it was intended when it was built. Any Android TV device, which are very cheap now, can wipe the floor with the Pi on every emulator. For example, ePSXe on Android has almost 100% compatibility. They even ported some of the code to the PC version of ePSXe because it is so good.

I’m not sure why they added a 64-bit compatible processor, there isn’t even a 64-bit operating system yet. I suppose it’s just for future proofing. The Pi wasn’t actually made for emulation, it’s just possible to do.

I have an Nvidia Shield TV, which is pretty impressive at emulating more modern consoles. I can get stable framerates in various GameCube (Wind Waker, Twilight Princess) and Wii (New Super Mario Bros) titles with the latest Dolphin emulator, which I never would have guessed considering the PC hardware requirements for those titles.

But I’d still rather use my pi for nes/mastersystem/snes/genesis/tg16/etc emulation. As good as the individual emulators are for Android, I have yet to find a frontend that comes even close to Emulation Station. GameSome is quite lame in comparison. Once you get RetroPie setup it’s a far more satisfying experience, and the community surrounding it is great too.

I haven’t gotten my hands on a pi 3 yet, but I’m looking forward to it, even if the performance improvements are relatively small.

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