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what do I do with my RP2 overclock setting “config.txt”? It’s set up with RP2 overclocking settings.. I want it to be properly configured for RP3 when I boot it up :).

All you need to do there is comment all the overclocking lines out using a # symbol at the start of each line, and then it will boot into the standard clock settings for the device it detects (Pi2 or Pi3). Or you could dabble with Pi3 overclocking values of course but I don’t know what they are so can’t advise until I get one to play with myself!

Your duaboot image is the best I’ve ever tried by the way. I would never go back to running Kodi on Raspbian via Retropie. The performance difference is like night and day!

Thanks! I find it very stable and great performance too but like I said above I haven’t tried the Raspbian installer version of KODI in a long time so wasn’t sure if that was now as good as OpenELEC or not. Personally I prefer to have OpenELEC regardless and keep its own filesystem setup etc. It makes it easier to work with when its on its own partition and there’s no chance of one OS affecting the other.


thanks for the image file. i have been wanting to do this for ages.

i having an issue with the roms appearing in the ‘combined arcade menu’ i have added roms into imame4all, advmame and pifba. and roms appear in those menu items. (i end up with 2 classic arcade menus) but they dont appear under the arcade one.

also no artwork is appearing for any roms?

any help would be appreciated.


Hmm I’m not sure what could be wrong as it works at my end? Can I check you are using ‘.zip’ files for the roms? I’m guessing you must be as that is standard format (and they are appearing when placed in the other folders). I see that one of the recent changes to RetroPie incorporates an ‘Arcade’ rom folder as standard now so maybe my folder clashes with it (if you have updated RetroPie)? Not sure but I guess the issue will be eradicated when I use the latest version of RetroPie on my next dual boot build.

*Edit* – Ahh just realised as I pressed ‘submit’ – it sounds like you haven’t put the rom files into the /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/arcade folder, am I right? I made it so you had the option of using the separate folders as normal (ie mame4all, lr-mame etc), OR use the /arcade/ folder as a catch-all for every arcade system. You need to place the roms files into that folder before the ‘Arcade’ menu appears in Emulation Station, and you will also see screenshots appear (but bare in mind there will be a number of games that are not yet screenshotted due to the new versions of MAME now included that weren’t out when I originally made my image).

Hope this makes sense and Im not barking up the wrong tree but it sounds like that is where the issue is.


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