Reply To: RPi2 vs RPi3 – Is it even worth it?



if you want to know how “mature” these emulators are, look for a mupen or reicast emulation on NVIDIA SHIELD with tegra processorat youtube . really smooth gameplay!

but then run soul calibur on reicast and it’s glitched. neither reicast, mupen (without LLE or plugins like angrylion, which will struggle on an i7) or PPSSPP are pixel-perfect so are full of games that are glitched or do not work. that’s not “mature” in my eyes.

@darkcushions: Which MAME games have better performance?

i’ve not tested much, but all the cave shooters run full speed for me on the pi3. MK1 is now perfect on mame2003. ninja baseball batman. even some 3d games are playable (eg starblade).

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