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Thanks for your reply! Do you know a good way for me to backup my Retropie and OpenELEC from RP2 and over to RP3 once it’s done?.. Which folder in Retropie and OpenELEC can I backup from my current setup?

And where will you post your link? :) Thanks!! (Hoping it will be Jarvis. It supports AirPlay on iOS 9 it seems)


Backing up OpenELEC is very easy in that all you need to copy from the Pi is the ‘.kodi’ folder found at:


Everything inside that folder holds your add-on and skin settings etc. so you just need to copy it over to your new build and you’re done.

All that being said though – if you already have a Pi2 setup then you just need to update your distro and it will add Pi3 support, so you may not need to worry about starting all over again. Worth a try anyway!

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