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This is what mine looks like:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <inputAction type="onfinish">
  <inputConfig type="keyboard" deviceName="Keyboard">
    <input name="pagedown" type="key" id="114" value="1"/>
    <input name="start" type="key" id="115" value="1"/>
    <input name="pageup" type="key" id="101" value="1"/>
    <input name="up" type="key" id="1073741906" value="1"/>
    <input name="a" type="key" id="13" value="1"/>
    <input name="b" type="key" id="1073742053" value="1"/>
    <input name="down" type="key" id="1073741905" value="1"/>
    <input name="right" type="key" id="1073741903" value="1"/>
    <input name="select" type="key" id="97" value="1"/>
    <input name="left" type="key" id="1073741904" value="1"/>

The following code block is needed in order to call the script that automates the creation of the retroarch controller configs. It is called anytime that you configure a controller through emulationstation

  <inputAction type="onfinish">

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