Reply To: Uninstall Retropie + fresh install



And I found out that it makes no difference if set set audio output correct to hdmi in the post-install-Retropie-Setup-Script menupoint – I still get this message.

Furthermore I found out, that in around 1 of 3 exits to the commandline of my latest EmulationStation-install the system crashes/ hang up completely (what is very “funny” if you entered the third time (until now without success – don’t know how I should get it to save that) the correct names of over 20 ScummVM-games through select and editing their metadata within ES….)…but thats another topic.

Edit: 4 times^^…(but this time I only renamed a few ones)
Retropie also crashes here/ hang with a blinking cursor if I try to restart the system instead of exiting ES to the commandline.

Don’t know whats wrong – but I did a fresh install yesterday.

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