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RetroPie 3.5 and SFC30 issue:

-Raspberry Pie 2 running RetroPie 3.5 (Fresh Install, not updated)
-Controller = SFC30 with most current firmware from website
-Using START+R to connect each time to pie
-rules file was created for SFC30 @ sudo nano /etc/udev/rules.d/10-local.rules
-Kinivo Btd-400 Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter

I am able to connect and use the SFC30 within ES without issues, all buttons seem to work. When I enter any game only the directional pad works correctly. The A button works, but is mapped to the start button. No other button appears to work.

To correct I go into the joystick configuration and change the button layout for the 8Bitdo. I save the changes, then am able to enter Retroarch without issues and play all roms.

On Reboot however, the mappings change back to the mess they were before. I believe it is falling back to the .BAK but have not been able to test.

I thought about these solutions:
1. Delete .BAK file for joystick configuration and see if this works
2. Lock file so file cannot be altered or deleted by system

What are the thoughts of users on this thread about this? Am I on the right track? Anyone else having these issues?

Thank you,

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