Reply To: Uninstall Retropie + fresh install



Thanks, uninstall+reinstall were fine –
but I still get an errormessage when leaving ES, saying something like

“lvl0: …init: failed to load Mixer-elements”…is that normal?


You can manually install things but you have to know what you’re doing.

My idea of sorting the install-menu in a way like this

[*] Emulationstation (neccessary GUI)
[ ] RetroArch addon (Libretro-core)

Emulators for RetroArch (Libretro):
[ ] (Libretro) Atari
[ ] (Libretro) …
[ ] (Libretro) …

Emulators standalone:
[ ] …
[ ] …
[ ] …

would make this step easier in my opinion, doesn’t it?

However, is the still shown audio-errormessage normal actually?

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