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In regards to controlling OpenELEC with anything other than a keyboard, it would probably be best to enter debugging mode in OpenELEC and then press the various keys you want to map in some sort of order you can follow then read the debug log file. This way you can see how the keys are being interpreted by OpenELEC (if at all), and then create a custom keymap for your device. I have done this with 2 different remotes that I own and some of the keys on there are really random – like ‘Left Windows Key’ where the menu button is labelled!? Strange.

Also – if you have a X-Arcade Tankstick then arent they just using keyboard encoders inside? If so then you’re laughing because you can map it as keyboard inputs, shouldnt be a problem.

As for the XML file generator – best way to use this is to have your image files in the same folder as your roms (and named the same to match each rom), then run it. It will link to the rom folder location and it would be fine to leave them there if you want OR you can move them to the .emulationsation/downloaded_images folder and just do a bulk rename to change the .xml file to reflect the new directory. Thats what I done. Also, I use the bulk rename to take out rom name tags too. Its time consuming but worth it in the end!


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