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looking at the help:

# Allows libretro cores to set rotation modes.
# Setting this to false will honor, but ignore this request.
# This is useful for vertically oriented content where one manually rotates the monitor.
# video_allow_rotate = true

# Forces a certain rotation of the screen.
# The rotation is added to rotations which the libretro core sets (see video_allow_rotate).
# The angle is <value> * 90 degrees counter-clockwise.
# video_rotation = 0

seems like you need
video_allow_rotate = “true”
video_rotation = “1”

i think you should add a setting to your custom cfg that you know works and has an obvious effect to test, rather than something new. i’m not sure which cfg will appear under ‘load config’ as your retroarch is actually referencing 3 .cfg files in your scenario (/all/retroarch.cfg, /[core]/retroarch.cfg and /roms/[core]/, with each one overriding the previous)

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