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The behavior you’re describing makes it sound like maybe xpad is picking up the xbox controller instead of xboxdrv starting correctly, which points to an issue in the line we’re editing. Meaning xboxdrv isn’t starting correctly, hence the flashing lights.

I would double check that the mouse.cfg file is in the location specified so if you followed the wiki to a “T” it should be in /usr/local/.

If all else fails, it looks like there might be another way to do this. I just looked over the xboxdrv manual real quick. It looks like --mouse might do almost the same thing we’re trying to achieve here. In that case, the line would look like this:

/opt/retropie/supplementary/xboxdrv/bin/xboxdrv” –daemon –id 0 –led 2 –deadzone 4000 –silent –trigger-as-button --alt-config --mouse –next-controller –id 1 –led 3 –deadzone 4000 –silent –trigger-as-button –dbus disabled –detach-kernel-driver &
exit 0

Another possibility is to try replacing --alt-config with --next-config. I’m not completely sure what the difference is between the two tags.
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