Reply To: mame4-all and soundsamples



okay … after a bit of testing and putting the roms in different folders and therefore different emulators as well, i found out, that the samples (at least for my test rom : berzerk) are only working when i put the roms in the folder for “mame-advmame”.

here i create two subfolders for “artwork” and “samples” and (atleast for berzerk) the 0.375 roms and samples and stuff, seem to work.

i did not change any other configs (no mame conf or pathschanges which seem to only be relevant for the libretro based mame stuff).

tldr … assuming i did not made any major faults, soundsamples for mame only work in the advance mame right now … but .. i loove mame4all way more then advmame (shaders/overlays for advmame anyone ??) 🙁 🙂

by the way .. can anyone guide me on how to setup hotkeys for advance mame ? 😉

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