Reply To: unstable and can't update



I bought it for the raspberry, a power supply of 5v/2A

When I upgraded to 3.5 I made an image of the 3.2 version I already had setup and running, so while I find what’s the problem I’ll use that image.

Everything the same, configs, roms, emulators…
With 3.2 everything works fine. shutdown, reboot, shaders…
With 3.4 or 3.5 if I choose shutdown or reboot it just seems to be waiting for something, blank screen, prompt blinking… shaders just won’t work, no matter what I try, fps is shown when I press 1p start on lr-mame2010, and don’t know why, if I press my button 6 a mame-like menu is shown on lr-mame2010

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