Reply To: Clean up, PLEASE!!!



1. This is a completely free project, so unbased complaining just makes you look stupid.

2. I call your complaining unbased because there has been discussion for MONTHS on making the initial install smaller/more modular. This stuff takes time to implement and there are bigger bugs to squash right now.

3. Emulators like lr-n64 still exist in the project because some games (Only a VERY select few, but some) actually run better on it!

4. Unless you are compiling your system piece-meal on top of a stock Raspbian image, you are going to get the emulators you do not use right now. That’s just how the project is. If you are competent enough at linux to do that, you should have no problems fixing everything. If not…

5. USE THE IMAGES posted on the site instead of manually updating. Flashing a new SD takes half the time doing a manual update does. You should have all the games/settings backed up and ready to put back in place so you are running in 10 mins after the new image is loaded.

PLEASE NOTE: All orders that are placed between January 14th and January 28th will be shipped on January 29th. Dismiss